Part Time Chef

Responsible to:General Manager and Assistant General Manager 


Responsible for: Ensuring all MOJO food standards and EHO standards are met 




The responsibilities of a MOJO Chef include the following: 

  • Monitor consistently all kitchen procedures and record all best practices and initiatives that may enhance service quality  

  • Ensure opening up/close-down standards/procedures are adhered to 

  • Record breakages and loss of cutlery and equipment and effectively liaise with the manager to control the cost of renewal 

  • Liaise effectively with service/bar staff 

  • Report to the manager any accidents, potential hazards and maintenance issues. 

  • Make sure kitchen hygiene standards are adhered to and all compliance is correctly completed.  

  • Remember Health and Safety of yourself and your work colleagues  

  • Ensure all food is delivered to spec every time

  • Signing in and out on every shift 

  • Complete weekly food stock take, and data analysis.  

  • Always be ready to work in the kitchen at the time the shift commences 

  • Have basic standards of personal hygiene; washed hands and face, short clean nails, shaved or neat facial hair, clean ears and hair 

  • Take pride in work 

  • Participate in team incentives 

  • Clean and presentable uniform  

  • Be in a fit state to work in a dangerous environment without being a danger to yourself or others 

  • Carry out all tasks as required by shift leader 

  • Attend all training sessions and meetings as required