Mojo is an exciting place to work. We firmly believe that good times are forever for our team and especially for our guests. We expect nothing but total commitment in effort, intellect and application from our people and when we get it, we reward it! Food is the newest addition to the MOJO offering. Join us in taking on the task of delivering food that matches the quality of our drinks, service and music.

We are looking for chefs to join our team in Nottingham! The ideal person would have experience in the kitchen but would be willing to adapt to learn the MOJO way and also be capable of running the kitchen solo during evening service shifts. 

The responsibilities of a MOJO Chef include the following:

  • Monitor consistently all kitchen procedures and record all best practices and initiatives that may enhance service quality

  • Ensure opening up/closing down standards/procedures are adhered to

  • Record breakages and loss of cutlery and equipment and effectively liaise with the manager to control the cost of renewal

  • Liaise effectively with service/bar staff

  • Report to the manager any accidents, potential hazards etc.

  • Make sure kitchen hygiene standards are adhered to

  • Remember Health and Safety of yourself and your work colleagues

  • Ensure all food is delivered to spec every time

  • Signing in and out on every shift

  • Always be ready to work in the kitchen at the time the shift commences

  • Have basic standards of personal hygiene : washed hands and face, short clean nails, shaved or neat facial hair, clean ears and hair

  • Take pride in work

  • Participate in team incentives

  • Clean and presentable uniform

  • Be in a fit state to work in a dangerous environment without being a danger to yourself or others

  • Carry out all tasks as required by shift leader

  • Attend all training sessions and meetings as required